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Biometric Authentication Solution
(FIDO Alliance)

Achieve advanced security with password-less authentication through biometric authentication

We develop an enhanced user-friendly password-less application by combining the biometric data (Fast IdIDentity Online [FIDO] Alliance) stored on the user's smartphone with the existing web application.

Biometric Authentication Solution (FIDO Alliance)

1. Ease of Use

Enables fast and smooth authentication by just performing casual actions such as Swipe / Touch / Smile / Talk from the devices that users are familiar with.

2. Advanced and Clean Security

Since the key is stored in the secure area of the device and not on the server, solution eliminates the hacking risks for servers. Further, enables clean and secure operations, as the personal information is no longer stored on servers.

3. Effective Cost Performance

Solution can implement the authentication from any of the devices without the need for a dedicated authentication device, thereby leading to significant reduction in cost.

New Authentication Method … Besides fingerprint authentication, various authentication methods such as iris recognition, face recognition, voice recognition etc. supported by the device, can be used.

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