NTT DATA Global IT Innovator

NTT DATA Global Technology Service Japan Co., Ltd.

Location of Pune

Environment with an awareness for Japanese business

NTT Data GTSJ is located in Pune city of Maharashtra State, India. It is a company with CMM level 5 (former) certification that indicates the highest standards of software quality management process, and has acquired ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO27001 certifications making it a reliable company.

It not only conforms to the security policy =GSP(NTTDATA Group Security Policy) to which each NTT DATA group company should conform to, but has also cleared regular audits by NTT data information security management organization.

Hardware and test lab

  • Three dedicated communication lines of two types: 2Mbps and 512Kpbs, by three local major providers
  • Mail system
  • Fault-tolerant, NIC redundant, RAID-based Server
  • UPS battery backed up with private power generators
  • Unix / Linux set with various configurations
  • OS with Japanese and English versions of Win, Sun, etc.

Office Infrastructure

  • Comfortable work station based on ergonomics
  • Fully equipped company cafeteria
  • Exclusive training facility
  • CMM level 5 compliant process


  • Security guards deployment
  • Network security
  • Computer virus protection
  • Control access to information
  • Information assets security
  • Data security
  • Security compliance based on GSP


  • Based in Pune , Tokyo and Boston
  • No shortage of Japanese language support
  • Audio / video conferencing equipment
  • IP Phone,International telephone calls

Bits of knowledge (Pune,India)

Pune,which is known as the 'Oxford of the East' is an academic city. Not only Indian students, but students from all over the world come to Pune . Pune is an old town with a history of more than 1000 years, but has made the most remarkable development in India around the IT industry. People have called "Silicon Valley of the East" in recent years.

India has around 780 R&D Centers and around 18,000 Open Source Solution Engineers
Location IT R&D Centers OSS*Talent Pool
Bangalore 45% 38%
Pune 17% 16%
NCR(Delhi) 16% 13%
Hyderabad 10% 11%
Chennai 7% 11%
Mumbai 5% 8%
Others 3%

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