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Foreign exchange management system

System overview

Forex trading systems followed world currency movements has continued operating 24 hours a day.It is common that the broker who contracted with a major bank or such a bank deals with it. The end user of this system offers foreign exchange business through a major broker for a general user.

This system is discloses a real-time exchange rates required in conducting foreign exchange transactions, on the basis of the exchange rate, consumer who's buy and sell foreign exchange through our system. It manages a portfolio of each users, and we have developed a service agency of foreign exchange trading.

The online transactions performed on a customer's portal site does not perform currency dealing directly, but entrusts guarantee money,amount of money that can be traded based on the deposit is determined, and it is with virtual trading that can be regarded as a profit margin that occurred. During the end user creates an account in the customer portal, you can do transactions in the amount of deposited guarantee money 200x . Profit and loss is calculated depending on the fluctuation of the foreign exchange market, customer's account also change.

Development environment

  • Due to customers are using the existing software,we are currently running development for against the request by using code deposited from customers.
  • Conducted design from requirements analysis, and development.
  • The proposal for adding examination of service and new service was provided from other clients in the exchange business.
  • Existing system proposed amendments is focusing on service level and profit-loss
  • Interact with customers via the on-site coordinator (Japanese ability holder), determine the design.
  • Organize the development team at the ODC. Our company will do 24-hours support of the management services
  • On-site coordinator and account manager carry out the requirement analysis
Scope 105MM (Transition to ODC thereafter) Period 5.5 months
Team size 19 people (Maximum) Japanese ability holder 12 people
Language Japanese Development Model (Japan) requirements definition, test
(India) design, development, unit testing
Technologies Development environment: Eclipse(JAVA、 Struts、 JMS)
Web Server: JBOSS、 Apache Tomcat
Message Server: IBM MQ Server
Form tools: JASPER


Communication in general correspondence with customers. (Requirements analysis, progress reports, etc.)
The entire schedule management, project planning, risk management, team management, schedule management, detailed design document review, code review, technical support, quality control, database management
Test administrator (Offshore)
Create a test case and do a coodination test

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