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Commercial launch of practical Agile development training in India - ~Offered to domestic user enterprises and for universities~

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May 20,2013

NTT Data Corporation and NTT Data Global Technology Service Japan (Headquarter: Tokyo ,Shinjuku , President : Mr.Shigeki Nakamura (On behalf of GTSJ) is launching the practical training program of agile development called "Global Agile Experience Training "from June 1st. The program has been developed by harnessing the technical capabilities and know-how of agile development (note 1) accumulated so far.
This training program will be of eight weeks in total. After attending one week of training on Agile development and cross- cultural communication (note 2) in Japan,one week of Business English class and six weeks of Agile development practical experience training will be carried out in Pune city (India). Participants can not only gain practical experience in Agile development but can also gain business experience in a global environment through cooperation with foreign members.
Besides cultivating the Agile development talent inside the group, NTT Data Group promotes adoption of Agile development in domestic user enterprises, by offering the opportunity of personnel training for university and user enterprises. Further, in the 2 years till 2015, we aim to achieve sales of 300 million Yen through this training program .

Until recently, Waterfall Development (Note 3) was the mainstream technique used in software development wherein, system requirements are decided first and then the development process is followed in a sequential manner. However, these days, with the diversified needs of IT market and accelerated speed of changes in business environment, to create value for customer, an IT system or service that meets the needs of the customer is required.Thus,there is an increasing interest in Agile development, which can incorporate the daily changes on time. With this necessary change in development style, the efficiency required from the development team and user enterprise has shifted from the conventional “Efficiency which executes the plan accurately” to “Ability to respond to frequently changing business environment".
However, on the other hand, resolving the lack of professional agile development talent with agile development experience and know-how, has become a pressing issue in domestic Japanese IT enterprise and user enterprise (Note 4). Also, it has become necessary to create opportunities where one can impart practical agile development education in the universities that are responsible for nurturing human resources who can play an active part in such companies in future.
In order to handle these issues, NTT Data has so far progressed the personnel training of its group by developing and executing exercise based study program. However, this time, it has developed a hands-on training program of 8-weeks in collaboration with GTSJ, that will further expand the efforts till date, by utilizing the technical capabilities and know-how of agile development. It has been decided to offer this program not only to our group but also to the university and user enterprises which need personnel training for Agile development.

【Training Program Overview】 ※ There is a case to be changed without notice training content.。
Training program
1 week advance orientation
8 hours of Agile training (Scrum training(note5))) (8 hours, exercises and lectures)
Cross Cultural Communication training (8 hours)
Local orientation (1 week)
Business English Training (note 6) (40 hours)
Practical training of agile development projects (6 weeks)
      A small team of about 3 to 7 people is formed that will actually follow the agile development technique and develop software as development members.
・Participation and management of meetings specific to Agile Development
・Software Development (design), coding and test etc.)
・Agile Development Project Management
Along with seeking advice from the leader, repeated implementation of above for six weeks
  ※ Buddy program (note 7) will also be held on Saturday for participants who intend to join.

■ Training period: 8 weeks (Japan: 1 week, India: 7 weeks)
■ Training Location: Japan: Koto-ku, Tokyo Toyosu
India: Pune
■ Number of participants: 10~20 people (can be customized on demand)
■ Conditions: 1) 2 or more years of development experience (recommended)
■ 2) TOEIC : 700 points or upper (recommendation)
■ Standard Price: ※ Please inquire
■ Applying method: Accepted by phone or email
Apply for「Global Agile Experience Training」
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[Learning effects of training (Merit)]
This training program is different from the general one. It is effective for following two places

It is a place for gaining experience and not just for study
With classroom training , one takes time to apply the training to business and tends to end up having only the knowledge. However, in this program, through practice and cooperation with members having experience in agile development, one can master skills such as the mindset required in agile development, situation wise approach /judgment criterion and daily behavior, enabling the participants to operate even after returning to actual development project.

◇ The place to understand behavior of global environment
Participants can acquire business English and cross-cultural communication which are required to promote a project with foreign members. Nowadays, global talent needs to be developed urgently in many companies. In this program, by cooperating with various members of overseas office with different race, language, religion, customs, and different mindset, the participants can gain practical experience and master practical ability.

Role of each company
NTT data carries out the Agile development training for trainees in Japan by utilizing the experience of development, improvement and execution of training programs.
GTSJ implements and manages the training by utilizing the experience of global personnel training for Japan, development experience in foreign culture and wealth of agile professionals in India.

[About the future]
Along with strengthening the development of Agile professional talent inside NTT data group through execution of global Agile experience study, NTT DATA and NTTD GTSJ are offering an opportunity to user companies and universities, to experience agile development. We aim to spread agile development in Japan by this.

NTT DATA Group aims for 300 million yen till 2015 by the sales of this training .

[News Release]
Announcement on 17th April , 2012, " Agile development training started for young leaders."
Training program that was announced today in the "global-Agile Experience Training", training contents above are included.
Announcement on October 18, 2012, "Establishment of a base for agile development and human resource development in India".
It has been implemented as part of the activities of the above-mentioned "Agile Professional Center India" training program.

(Note 1) Agile development: It is the development technique which divides the system development objects into many small functions and progressively develops an operating software in a short period. Agile development technique differs greatly from the former waterfall development technique. Therefore, in order to raise Agile development talent, not only knowledge of Agile development but business experience in Agile development projects is indispensable as well.
(Note 2) Cross-cultural communication training: Trainees will learn about cultural differences by understanding a culture other than the Japanese culture and objectively re-inventing the Japanese culture through the same. In addition, they will acquire improved communication skills with partners having a different culture, co-ordination and bargaining power.
((Note 3) Waterfall development: It is the development technique which defines development requirements in the first stage of a project, designs the whole system on the basis of long-term plan and advances in coding and testing order. When the demands to a system are clearly determined, it is considered to be efficient.
(Note 4) Agile development professionals: Trainees will acquire the skills and know-how of Agile development. We seek the professionals that can possibly be groomed as development talent.
(Note 5) Scrum: It is one of the Agile developments. It is a management framework that enables to offer software with high business value to the customer at an early stage, by developing the software which operates gradually in a short period of one week to one month, called sprint . It has simple and easy to understand features, and is widely adopted in the agile development across Europe and America. Now a days, it is also being adopted in many enterprises in Japan.
(Note 6) Business English Training: Communication skills necessary for business, especially speaking abilities, are enhanced through panel discussions and role playing.
(Note 7) Buddy program: Other than work, the trainees experience daily life such as shopping and sports with the Indian members and learn about the life and customs of a different culture.
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