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The policy of privacy information protection

NTT DATA Global Technology Service Japan was recognized for the importance of the privacy information, the activity of privacy information protection is the basis of our company policy. NTT DATA GTSJ also recognized about the sincerity of executing personal information because It's one of social responsibility. The following privacy policy is well-know by the president,employees and collaborators of NTT DATA GTSJ.

  • 1. Proper Acquisition of privacy information, utilization, submitting, and consignment
    • 1) Before we gain clients' privacy information, excepting in case of customers and third party are likely to harm the rights and interests, we will explain about the objective of utilization, once customer agreed with our policy, we will start obtaining their information. Therefore, we handle all information properly with the limit of utilization scope.
    • 2)The privacy information we obtained its based on regulations and ordinances. We cannot submit any information to third parties without getting a permission from the customer.
    • 3)The privacy information which we have gained, we choose to provide to appropriated person only. Moreover, after deciding to protect the standard information which is depending on the contract, we will execute the leadership・ management and handing them appropriately.
  • 2. The procedure of disclosure, revision, discontinuance of the utilization
    Regarding the privacy information that we are holding, we will correspond quickly within reasonable of scope .
  • 3. The prevention of destruction, damage, disclosure and unauthorized access of personal information.
    We manage customer's personal information by executing the prevention of destruction, damage, disclosure and unauthorized access. NTT DATA GTSJ has set up the team for handling the personal information and created concrete rules of operation.
  • 4. Related to the lawas and ordinaces of privacy information and the standard of compliance.
    The president, employees and collaborators of our company are governing the laws, guidance and other standard which related to privacy information information protection and correspondence of secrecy.
  • 5. The privacy information protection policy and the continuance of improvement of internal regulations.
    Regarding the demand of sociaty, we are executing an efficiency privacy information protection, continued improving internal regulations and privacy policy.
  • 6. An inquiry about how to handle the privacy information, please do not hesitate to contact us by fill in the inquiry form.
    In person at prescribed by the Company, we will respond within a short span of time.

Enactment date : 2013/04/01
Representative director and President
Shigeki Nakamura

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