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April 30, 1996 India : Vertex Software Private Limited is established in Pune
April 14, 1999 USA : Established a subsidiary of Incorporation of Vertex Software Inc. (Vertex India 100%)
April 21, 2001 Established branch office in Japan Tokyo, Japan
April 2, 2002 India : Mitsui and Co. Ltd., has invested in Vertex.
March 3, 2005 USA : Logic Soft Inc., has invested in a Vertex India subsidiary.
December 20, 2007 Japan : Vertex India subsidiary has invested in NTTData Corporation
(Mitsui and Co. Ltd.,, Capital withdrawal of Logic Soft Inc.,)
February 7, 2008 Japan : Established Vertex Software Corporation in Tokyo, Japan branch closure
March 26, 2009 The branch of U.S. Vertex India is founded to Canada

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