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Foreigner Recruitment Program

We have a center based in India, which has been implementing business for Japan for many years. We have been able to utilize this strength to recruit Indian engineers required for Japanese companies.
We have direct connections with top universities of India, including IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and conduct company briefing sessions, recruitment tests and interviews in local universities. It is also possible to conduct Japanese language training by leveraging our own Japanese language training program.

July - September
(2 - 4 weeks)
Set up the number and skills of the target trainees, and then create the plan for the entire recruitment program.
Maintain the hiring standards.
Briefing session in university
September - December
(2 weeks)
Actually visit the universities, introduce your company and recruit the students. If possible, you can accompany us and talk to the students directly which will help to conduct recruitment effectively. Moreover, it is possible to enter the recruitment phase directly since recruitment tests and interviews are usually conducted on the same day or within the next few days.
Recruitment test / Interview
December - March
  (2 weeks)
Japanese Language Training
June – December in the following year
(6 months)
We will provide Japanese language training to the appointed resources in our company. We will provide training not only for general Japanese, but also Japanese business practices and Japanese language with a focus on IT sector.
Technical training can also be conducted.
Around December next year
  (1 week ~)
We will perform the formalities required for travelling to Japan. After arrival, trainees will be inducted into your company, and will be a part of actual business.
* Travel expenses will be charged separately. (VISA expenses, Airfare, etc.)

Japanese Language Training Program

At our company, we conduct our own Japanese language training program. Local Japanese professional teachers (3 Japanese teachers) have designed the Japanese language training course specific to IT sector. The Japanese language training program is conducted full-time for six months. Members who cannot even write in Hiragana, become proficient to make presentations and create documents in Japanese after completing the training.
It is possible to conduct the training for the trainees within our organization as well as at the client location.


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