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Foreigner recruitment program

We have conducted business in Japan for many years, So, that is NTT DATA GTSJ's strength, our company that is based in India have carried out the Recruitment Services of Indian engineers that Japanese companies are in need.
We have been carried out directly with excellent universities in India, including the (Indian Institute of Technology) IIT, we will execute the company information session, employment testing and interviews with local universities. In addition, it is also possible to perform the Japanese training program in our company.

July - September
(2 - 4 weeks)
Set up the number and skills of trainees of target, and then create the planning of entire recruitment program.
Execute the hiring standards
(2 weeks)
September - December
Go to college directly, we will execute the recruitment of students by carrying out client's company introduction. If it's possible, the client should talk to students directly, that is an effective way to do a recruitment. About the employment test and an interview, will do in the same day or in the following day. Also possible to continue doing the hiring steps.
(2 weeks)
December - March
(6 months)
June - December in the following year
(6 months)
We provided the Japanese training program in our company. Not only general Japanese, education of business practices such as the business customs with a focus on IT system will also be executed.
It is also possible to add a technical education at an additional.
Around December next year
  (1 week to))
We will execute the procedures of travel to Japan.
After arrival, We implement the acceptance in your company, you will be entered into the actual business.
※ actual cost will be charged separately travel expenses. (VISA expenses, airfare, etc.)
Foreigner hiring program

Japanese Educational Program

We carry out the Japanese education program of its own. Japanese professional teachers (Japanese 3 persons) made the Japanese education course that specializes in the IT business in local. The Japanese education program has been conducted lectures full-time for six months, members who did not even know how to write in Hiragana, will be able to do a presentation and documenting in Japanese after graduating.

Japanese Educational Program
Training landscape

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