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Service features

Acquiring the skills below efficiently through the practices in completely different environments

Based on the concept of broadening the 4 perspectives namely “Expertise” – Communication Skills” – “Cross Cultural Understanding” & “Self-starter”, we offer training programs to develop a global workforce that can visualize business without being hindered by barriers such as countries or regions.


This program involves practical experience rather than just desk training.
・ It is not a classroom training, trainees get a chance to experience actual business processes or Agile development.
・ Experiencing the differences helps the trainees to have better understanding.

Communication skills

This program focuses on developing global adaptation skills
・ Communication skills are enhanced through regular English communication programs.
・ Trainees can actually develop an ability to convey things better as we communicate closely.

Cross-cultural understanding

This program enhances cross-cultural communication skills
・Experiencing different business cultures and lifestyles helps trainees to acquire skills of understanding different cultures comprehensively and accepting them.
・It helps the trainees to acquire skills to deal with issues arising in the project, as true global leaders.


This program builds self-learning attitude and ability to overcome challenges
・ An environment is made available that requires trainees to be a part of practices or projects which are completely different from those in Japan, and to learn things on their own.
・It aims at building competent Global Leaders who can identify the challenges and overcome them.

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