NTT DATA Global IT Innovator

NTT DATA Global Technology Service Japan Co., Ltd.


Global Business

Support a wide range of business development in Global base for Asian

  • Approach to the end user, as well as development upstream support also available
  • We have many actual results of the B2C/B2B/e-Commerce and mobile commerce
  • We utilize bilingual engineer,that is why the global correspondence is possible

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Support the realization of the global management of our customers

  • "Highly scalable", "multi-lingual" and "multi-currency" correspondence that can respond to the business growth and future global expansion
  • We utilize the offshore overseas-base ,were able to delivery in a short times and introduction with a low cost
  • Compatible with introduction / operation and maintenance of each region to the world in one-stop


Global customer support from human resources development

  • Regarding to the global human resources training, and conducted services of NTT Group are also widely supported for global human resources
  • Provides a foreigners hiring toward globalization
  • Also ongoing of solution training (English-speaking countries)


We are provided the development of products that is the strength of NTT DATA Group

  • We are conducting the ongoing activities by the relationship with NTT DATA Technology Development Division. In addition, we established a global R & D Center, is conducting cooperation with overseas Group companies.
  • Technical skills,Agile Development and Methodology of FTS is our strenght

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