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No. 1 Integrated framework in the market that achieves excellent development productivity and cost reduction

High-quality system architecture is achieved in a short period by using group of components and linking existing systems. It is the No. 1 integrated framework in the market that can also be used as an integrated platform for large-scale Web systems etc. across the company.

Main features of intra-mart

Speedy development of critical applications

In addition to ‘non-coding’ development of complex business systems, it is possible to visualize enormous big data easily and strengthen critical customer communication.

Flexible SOA system infrastructure

We provide various sign-on products for front-end integration and ESB / ERP linkage module for back-end integration. Moreover, a flexible SOA system architecture is possible as we also provide support for business process management.

Easy to customize AP series

We provide open source software for various business AP series (running on framework) such as groupware and sales management system. Customization can be done easily according to business category and business conditions.

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