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Research & Development and Outsourced product development

Research & Development and Outsourced product development (R&D)

We adopts high technology promptly, shortening in time to commercialization, Achieve high productivity and innovativeness, the head topic in research and development center has become software product development enterprise nowadays and

The company has been understood these customer requirements through solid performance more than 15 years. Customer base ranging research and Development Center for startups and large companies from the major blue-chip software product development company is working and concentrating on technical skills and strengthen human resources meet a wide range of needs, including the familiar with agile and iterative methodology.

Standard agile / Iterative development processes

The tough result to build in Mobile technology confronts the Mobile type ecosystem and technology of worldwide each country which includes Japan, it has become the help which brings big value on the basis of understanding which is deep with the customer. Further more, Furthermore we are starting Global R&D Lab, strengthening the match to research and development field. At the beginning function it does as an offshore side team of the engineering development headquarters which hit to the research and development section of NTT data, it designates that it keeps expanding correspondence data group to with high-level research and development important matter of the whole NTT gradually in Japan, the United States, and Europe as goal. Here it establishes the open source software laboratory of belonging exclusively in order to stress to the research and development of advanced technology such as cloud computing, in addition has tackled also the support of development and conservative business, and the global development of the NTT data TERASOLUNA platform.


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