Able to customize the Omni-channel system framework based on requirements

We achieve an Omni-channel system where customers can freely intercommunicate with all the channels and we customize it as per their requirement. We can offer a total system according to various types such as catalogs, advertisements, SNS, actual store, call center etc. including websites / services deployed on various devices.

At NTT DATA INTELLILINK, we develop an Omni-channel system with an ability to communicate freely with all channels, customized according to the needs of the client. We can develop a system that is compatible with multiple devices such as websites, mobile applications and services, equipped with catalog shopping, advertisement, SNS features, supporting additional features for the actual shop and call centers.

Various Functions of Omni-channel System

 Centralized Management of Customers and Inventory

We provide centralized inventory and customer management of online and actual stores, and quickly link with the store after performing an inventory check. We also provide support for developing point program management system, and can provide customer-specific loyalty management solutions.

 New Point of Sale (POS) System

We implement a POS system compatible with tablets and portable devices, equipped with enhanced analysis features and management functions for effective settlements. Our new store operations solutions improve business performance and provide cost optimizations.

 Login / Payment through Biometric Authentication

We provide seamless solutions using biometric authentication for logging into applications and for settlement processes, resulting in delightful customer experiences and increased customer retention.

 New Purchase Format

In addition to providing cost reduction solutions such as delivery of products ordered online at specific stores, online purchase of products confirmed at stores, we also offer a new format of purchase such as purchasing the products by holding the smartphone in front of the television.

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